Berlin, the capital and the largest city of Germany stands second only to London in population in European Union. The city is surrounded by the state of Brandenburg and touches the boundary of its capital Potsdam.

Berlin is located by the River Spree. Part of the European Plain, Berlin’s climate is being influenced by a temperate seasonal climate. One third part of Berlin is consisted of forests, parks, gardens, rivers, canals and lakes.

Economically, Berlin is the center of activities of many German and international companies. Deustsche Bahn, the world’s second largest transport company is headquartered in Berlin. Berlin has been credited as a major hub of business founders as it garnered the maximum investment, globally.

Many reputed companies are located in Germany, Daimler, BMW, Bayer Health Care, Siemens manufactures cars, and BMW builds motorcycles in Berlin. Bayer Health Care and Berlin Chemie are major pharmaceutical companies in the city.

However, what makes berlin exceptional is its status of being the exhibition and expo capital of the world. The Messe Berlin also known to be the Berlin ExpoCenter City is the primary convention conducting company in Berlin. The main exhibition area of Messe Berlin is spread across an area of approximately 160,000 square meters. Some of the leading events and expo happening in Berlin include.

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