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Having an extensive experience in exhibition stand fabrication and design, Coloursquare’s expertise is just not limited only to designing and manufacturing of stalls in Germany, but, we are rather an industry expert who better knows how the exhibition industry works and behaves in Germany. We know the venue and exhibition that are industry specific and help you get the best placement for the exhibitions, specifically, for lead generation and business development. However, we do more to exhibition stand fabrication merely more than the choosing the event type and location. Below are mentioned some of our exhibitions stand fabrication services.

Selecting the Right Exhibition Stand Design

We help you to choose the right exhibition stand for expos and events in Germany that is crucial stage of any exhibition stand designing activity. The selection of right exhibition stand is the most crucial point of successful completion of an exhibition or event for you. After an extensive consideration we suggest you the exhibition stand rightly showcasing your brand’s ideology and concept based upon various factors and considerations.

Choosing the right exhibition graphics for your stalls

An important part of overall stall designing is company and product branding that is displayed and reflected by eye catching graphics. We help you to choose and design the right graphics fitting into your brand’s and stall’s requirement at the expo. The exclusive branding posters, logo and elements designed by our graphics team make your booth stand out from the rest. Our exhibition graphics are merely not suitable for your right positioning at the exhibition stalls but have the potential to pull the crowds and footfall toward the exhibition stall.

Organizing and handling show services

More, we offers is show handling services that even make working at the exhibition stand to be easy and convenient for you at the expo. Our range of exhibition stand services extends from designing to manufacturing, to transportation and assembly and dismantling of stand for you. We also offer warehousing facility on request to the clients who opt for an outright purchase of stand materials.

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