Munich’s metropolitan region home to 6 million people is the 12th largest metropolitan region in European Union and stands at third place after Berlin and Hamburg in Germany. Situated by the river Isar, it is the seat of the Bavarian administrative region of Upper Bavaria. It is the second-largest city in the Bavarian dialect area, after the Austrian capital of Vienna. Munich is known to be a global center of art, science, technology, finance, publishing, culture, innovation, education, business and tourism with a very high standard and quality of living.

In many a number of surveys Munich has been rated as most liveable city in European Union. Munich is a major international hub of engineering, science, innovation and research, exemplified by the presence of two research universities.

Munich is home to many multinational companies and its economy is based on high tech, automobiles, the service sector and creative industries, as well as IT, biotechnology, engineering and electronics and many other areas.

Munich is a major financial center and places the headquarters of many multinational companies. European headquarters of many international companies like McDonald's and Microsoft is in Munich.

It also housed headquarters of many manufacturing firms like Siemens AG (electronics), BMW (car), MAN AG (truck manufacturer, engineering), Linde (gases) and Rohde & Schwarz (electronics) and others.

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