Nuremberg is situated by the Pegnitz River and is about 170 kilometres away from the Munich. The city though of modern times, yet is associated with traditional values like gingerbread (Lebkuchen) products, sausages, and handmade toys. In the 19th century Nuremberg became the industrial center of Bavaria with companies like as Siemens and MAN establishing a strong base in the city.

Nuremberg still is very important centre with a strong base in the markets of Central and Eastern Europe. The list of primary products manufactured in Cologne are electrical equipment, mechanical and optical products, motor vehicles, writing & drawing paraphernalia, stationery products and printed materials.

The city has a very strong industrial base in the fields of automation, energy and medical technology. Siemens is also known to be the largest industrial employer in the Nuremberg region. A good number of German market research agencies are also situated in the city.

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